How do I support both LTR and RTL scripts in production?

Hello. Making some progress with learning how to use the framework. I’m a bit concerned about how to deploy for production in an app with a user-switchable language system. Since there are two sets of styles, one for LTR scripts and another for RTL scripts, would I need two different bundles? My app is a PWA, so it matters because of what should get cached.

To illustrate, if the default language is English, and the user switches to Arabic, the app should seamlessly switch from the default LTR to an RTL layout.

Sorry to be asking what might be an obvious question. I’m usually doing back end development, but this time, I need to switch to front end.

in case anyone else has the same question, i found something on StackOverflow which might be useful: create LTR and RTL components, and dynamically load those based on the user’s selected language. those components in their own turn will load the LTR or RTL versions of the Framework7 styles.