How do my pages can access/share/set/get my global User object?

I just discovered it and that looks brilliant. I tried to play with it and I was quickly stuck.

I have my User object (can be Class) that stores my user object like
{id:1, username:“John”, age:“30”}

I passed that to my app:

 app = new Framework7({
  root: '#app', // App root element
  component: App, // App main component

   data: function () {
     return {
       username: 'vladimir',
       firstName: 'Vladimir',
       lastName: 'Kharlampidi'
  • how my about.f7.html page get access it ?

  • how my about.f7.html page can modify that ?

  • How all pages can access a global object ? (without using window.user) ?

In fact what I look for is some good practice and tips about how to share informations between pages / application ?

Check documentation for, it covers these questions
And here specifically