How do you use the custom parameter in addNotification? [solved]

custom: '<div class="item-content"><div class="item-media" style="align-self: center;"><i class="material-icons icon-notification">sync_problem</i></div><div class="item-inner"><div class="item-title">Log in to restore syncing.</div><div class="item-after"><a href="#" class="button color-green close-notification">log in</a> <a href="#" class="button close-notification">close</a></div></div></div>',

I’m trying to use addNotification but it doesn’t animate when you click close and it will disappear if you close a different notification (if there is one remaining). It also stays in the DOM when the notification is removed. Am I using custom right? [F7 v1.6.5 with Material theme]

Edit: Spent some more time nailing this down. The issue is that the custom template does not apply the notification-item class. It can be fixed by modifying the template in f7 source or setting the notificationTemplate parameter in your app instance by replacing this line:

'<li class="notification-item notification-hidden">{{custom}}</li>' +