How does Framework7 convert to Cordova?

I have been using Framework7 for a while, but I have been wondering how framework7 converts to cordova. Does it overwrite everything? I am wondering if you have more than 1 platform, is it possible to write specific code for each platform that will not get overwritten when building?

Hey Jack,

I compile with Capacitor with no problems (the build is in platforms folders, so your source code isn’t overwritten). F7 offers platform-specific styling out of the box and you can learn more about the device detection here: Device | Framework7 Documentation - that will allow you to create specific code by device.

Hope this helps!


Thank you for your reply. I am wondering more specifically about how Framework7 compiles the code unless it is the same as the way you are doing it. Does the Device API that you linked allow for startup code to be used in electron and android? For example, stuff like saving to file, would I use a plugin using cordova or code each one separately? Or does framework7 have something to help out with this?

While there are some helper utilities, it’s a UI framework so you’ll often need the support of plugins for additional device functionality where standard HTML/JS won’t work.

Thank you for your clarification. Lastly is there any discord for Framework7?

There is a Discord channel as part of the Patreon membership at the $20 per month and above tier. More details can be found here: