How get value textEditor?

I have a problem that is difficult for me to solve,
have tried to search but have not been able to find a solution.

How do I retrieve the contents of the framwork7 data text editor?

check my code below:

<div class="text-editor text-editor-init" data-placeholder="Enter text..." data-buttons='[["bold", "italic", "underline", "strikeThrough"], ["orderedList", "unorderedList"]]'>
<div class="text-editor-content" id="v_content" contenteditable></div>

and functions click:

function Add(){
   var content = $$("#v_content").val();

   var vData = new FormData();

   if ($.trim(content) == "")

The above code works, but does not retrieve data values from the text editor.

Thank you for your help.

Should be just:

var content = $$("#v_content").html();

It’s work. Thanks bro.