How i can config theme for the f7-vue?

Как можно изменить дефолтные значения цветов? Для проекта использую этот шаблон Или подскажите как это сделать для шаблона f7-vue

If you convert your question to english maybe we can be more helpful

if you ask for ios/android theme its like below but its better you use auto option

  framework7: {
    id: '', // App bundle ID
    name: 'BaseApp', // App name
    theme: 'auto',

I hoped that Vladimir would answer. :slight_smile: It does not matter.

I need change default color theme. This is described

But how it use on the f7-vue project? For exemple bootstrap3/4 have variables for the castomize theme

so does it differ for underlying framework ? What happens if you use custom build f7 -as described in page- in your vue project by defining color theme for ios/android

I copied and rename file scripts/build-config.js
I executed “npm run build:prod – --config scripts/my-config.js --output out”
Attached screen
But the folder “out” is empty.

I guess you are doing it in v3 repo, for v3 it should be:

npm run build-core:prod  – --config ./scripts/my-config.js --output ./out

cloned this repository

If I correct understend, it is v3.

Task ‘–’ is not in your gulpfile
[18:27:48] Please check the documentation for proper gulpfile formatting

It should be two dashes before --config:
-- --config

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Thank you! It`s work
npm run build-core:prod – --config ./scripts/my-config.js --output ./out

Did you think about the scss src and the config file in styles? It will be helpful for customize.