How i can put in router the init page (v2)

i have this structure:

    <div id="app">
         <div class="views tabs">
              <div id="tab1" class="view view-main tab tab-active">
                   <div class="page" data-name="page01"></div>

              <div id="tab2" class="view view-map tab""></div> 

how i can put in router my first tab (data-name=“page01”)?

routes: [
    name: 'anotherPage',
    path: '/anotherPage/',
    url: './anotherPage.html',
    on: {
      pageInit: function (e, page) {
        functionX ();


Look how it is done here Just leave your #tab1 view empty, and pass its url on View init like here

And make sure you have required route in your Routes