How to add Cordova plugin to Framework7

I am new in Framework7. How to add Cordova plugins such as push notifications, splash screen etc…

My project is almost completed except the push notification with google FCM. I want to integrate this too.

All plugins have documentation on how you can add them to cordova. You need to read up on the documentation to get the respective instructions.

I personally do not use FCM, but I think you are looking for this

I use this plugin for FCM push notifications, works great on iOS and Android.

The plugin is quitte easy to install and you can decide yourself how to process and display the push notifications. What takes more time, is to explore how to setup FCM itself in your Google account, and link APNS. I think I used the following tutorial to setup it for the first time:

I am new in framwork7.

I have working knowledge in PhoneGap application and integrated the FCM in those apps. But I am stuck with framework7. when I am adding the Cordova plugins in config.xml, it will not be affected in work,

My Config.xml is

How can I add this “plugin-push”?