How to add framework7-icons.css to react based app


I have a simple app generated with framework 7.
I want to use material icons and from what I have seen this are installed by default ( I have found framework7-icons.css file already in my css folder)

My question is how do I import and use this icons? Tutorial from here does not solve my issue:

I have imported in my react app like this:
import '../css/framework7-icons.css';

And tried tu use some icons in my menu like this:
<Toolbar tabbar position='top' > <Link icon="arrow-branch" tabLink="#tab-2"></Link> </Toolbar>
Name of the icon is taken from here :

What I am missing

you need to use additional css class .f7-icons

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<Link iconF7="arrow-branch" tabLink="#tab-2">
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Yep, I manage to fix the problem.

Thanks guys