How to call an json [ API ] using core js framework 7?

Hi, i’m trying to call API from my localhost [ Using PHP & Mysql ] but i don’t know the correct way
i already do some code and it’s show me the json on my consol.log but when i try to loop it in my template i can’t
This is my code


    <div class="page">
            ${ => $h`
              <li key=${}>${} - ${item.code}</li>

    export default () => {
        let ApplicationData = app.request.json('https://localhost/recycle/api/v1/all-collection-orders').then((res) => {

      const items = [ApplicationData];
      return $render;

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here => sleepy-ben-pbqj55 - CodeSandbox


Thank you this work for me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: