How to check the Internet Connectivity status of My Android App

How to check the Internet Connectivity status of My Android App in phonegap ?

I have read through the phonegap documentation but I dont understand it.

Please I will greatly appreciate if Someone can provide me with a Sample script of how to do this.



You can just check navigator.onLine

This ain’t working! it will always return ‘true’ no matter what!

Create a NEW method call isonline()

Inside app.js there is a varialbel called online. You just have to do the following: if you are with Internet it will be true, otherwise it will be false. There is a question in this function is that if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network and in that network there is no access to the Internet, it will always return a value of true.

Lke this:
IsOnline: function()

This is more like a general js issue, rather than F7, but I use this method. You can translate it into F7 easily.

function checkCon()
    url: "/anysite.html",
    cache: false,
    type: "GET",
   crossDomain : true,
   success: function(response) {
		   document.getElementById("logStatus").innerHTML= "";
    error: function(xhr) {
	    document.getElementById("logStatus").innerHTML    = "<span style='color:red' class='warning'>No connection. <a href='login.html'>Refresh</a> page.</span>";


That’s true, because the best way to check connectivity is to use this cordova plugin.
Using navigator.onLine won’t work as you would like.

Yessss! The plugin works perfectly… with the time interval

 setInterval(() => {

if(navigator.connection.type === 'none') {
      //do this
if ( navigator.connection.type != 'none') {
     //do this

}, 5000); //you may want to increase the interval here