How to clear previous pages from history from the view?

I am trying to remove previous pages from history in some specific cases!

to explain!

I am at the home page and I want to go to check if I have saved some favourites in my favourites page, in that favourites pages I found I have 3 saved favourites and I want to check which ones are, so I check the details by clicking details and I go to a third page.

  1. page home
  2. page saved favourites
  3. page saved favourites details

home -> list of 3 favourites saved -> open details of the 3 saved favourites saved

when I am in the third page I want to be able to return home or go to another page…

if I return home I am using this code below to return back in history to home page:

        var view = app.views.current;
        view.router.back(view.history[0], {
          force: true

but if from favourites I go to another page using:

app.router.navigate("/hotel-list/", {
          context: {},
          force: false,
          ignoreCache: true

then when I go back from this new page “hotel list” page I return to favourites again and I need to return to the page previously to favourites so I need to remove the history pages of favourites in between…

this means I will back to home again not to favourites…

is that possible to clear some previous pages from the history in the view?

This should work no matter how deep you are and you should be returned to home page

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big thanks Vladimir appreciated!!!

It is possible to clear also pages in between from the route?

to tell it simple I need to delete some pages in between so I do not create a loop of pages that link to another page that link back to the same page again…

is that possible?