How to configure "F7-Vue-Webpack-Cordova" template" for VS Code Intellisense?


I am using “F7-Vue-Webpack-Cordova” template by Caio Biodere. I have created myApp and installed the node modules. But when I open it in the Visual Studio Code, the intellisense is not working as expected. I have tried several combinations in “jsconfig.js” but none worked. Would anyone help me with the configuration settings so that it can be helpful to work on project using VS Code.

Thank you


Vetur is enough , i guess.

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I have tried it already but did not work as expected.

And what is expected?

Please have a look at the screenshot. self.$f7 is not available.

Because VS Code doesn’t know about it. That $forceUpdate you see is in the Vetur plugin. And there is no F7-related intellisense in VS Code

I have Jetbrains webstorm installed and there I can see all the f7 related intellisense.
I have tried several versions of jsconfig.json
“compilerOptions”: {
“baseUrl”: “.”,
“moduleResolution”: “node”,
“paths”: {
“src/": ["./src/”],
“assets/": ["./src/assets/”],
“pages/": ["./src/assets/vue/pages/”],
“components/": ["./src/assets/vue/components/”],
“include”: [“src”]

but it did not worked in vs code. There must be some way of getting it I suppose.

Sorry, wrong topic :slight_smile: