How to configure the Toggle?

Toggle has two events. If we use the change event, then we get a single flag value in the handler. The toggleChange event has a different boolean value. How can the Toggle component be set to one common event so that it works the same when tapping and swiping the slider?

This is correct usage keen-cray-sdqwm - CodeSandbox

With a smooth swipe, the event will not work because of the onChange event. I need work both with a quick tap and with a smooth toggle swipe. How do I make toggle able to handle two events at once (onChange and toggleChange)?

There is some issue with React version of this. Will be fixed in next update, only onChange event should be used here in this case

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Is this fixed in the latest version (6.3.15)? I couldn’t see it in the release notes, and I’ve got an issue where onToggleChange is not being called if the user swipes the toggle on iOS… Is this the same issue?

@nolimits4web Any update on this? Still getting issues with users swiping on a toggle and it not triggering the change handlers…

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Yes, the same problem

I got it working on both tap and slide. In onChange I set the stateValue to !stateValue