How to convert existing developed mobile app to webapp

Hi Team,

How we can create a web app of existing mobile app which is developed in cordova and framework 7.
Iam able to work the application in browser using published code (www directory).

I need to achieve the urls in address bar.

I used router tabs,templates in it .Please check the configuraton code below and can you suggest me what is the best way to show the urls in address bar.

I tried to pushState in index.html data-push-state=true also that is also not working.when i tried to keep in framework7 intialization under view total blank page coming

Hi Team any one can suggest correct way

You need to enable pushState only on main View, also there is a pushStateRoot and pushStateSeparator parameters that must be configured according to your web url structure.

Hi @nolimits4web
Thanks for your time
I allready tried by adding in index.html but no luck


but its coming blank page

Your pushStateRoot is wrong, according to your screenshot it should look something like: http://localhost/charmfidence/ or http://localhost/charmfidence/ or whatever is the app location

push state is working good now thanks.

but when i refresh the page its opening first tab only.

for information am using routable there any way tabs open depends on the url in address bar if not how we can achieve this .

thanks in advance