How to create a view in view-main that stays on every route of the app?

i want to show an audio player view or div at the bottom of main-view that should be visible on every page and route visited in my app just like how soundcloud is doing it but i am not sure how to do it in a right way.Can any one help me ?

i didnt understand exactly what you are asking.
but you can add your audio player in a common navbar or toolbar.



you can also make a div, position absolute outside page. and make it work with some css.

Самое хорошее решение - это то, что вам предложили постом выше. Можно попробовать сделать на HTML и CSS и не опираться на структуру фреймворка, но это плохо вариант, т.к. где-то скорее всего будут проблемы.