How to create an add for a product on an external domain and link to webshop product?

I would like some input on how I should make this work so it is as easy as possible for my customers.

I have a webshop and I want my customers to be able to display an add for one of their products that they have in the webshop and link it to that product. So that they can show an image and headline, price etc as an add that they can past in their own webpage or upload as a post to Facebook, etc.

I want it to be as simple as possible for my customers and I want some input on how you think I should build it. Should I create a page that displays an iframe with the image and text(the add) and that they can embed the iframe code to their webpage etc? And how to make it secure so I know that only my customers can use it, creating these adds?

Something like an embedded Instagram feed or post.

How would you get it to work?

I’m not sure this relates specifically to Framework7 development.

No it´s not, but since I do everything with framework7 and I just want an opinion before I start building it, so why not, there are many good programmers here.