How To Create An App Using The Template?

Hi all,

I have got one template which I want to convert into an app. In the template folder, I do not see any www files there.

The documentation does not say anything about importing the template.

What should I do so that I can create an app using that template?

Some detailed guide (with step-by-step instructions) would be of great help.

Jones, Dean

All the code must go in the src folder if you created the project with cli, If not, you can see the capacitorJs documentation to make an app from a template

Thank you so much for the help!
I was able to get the template working following your suggestion.

In the template, there is this code, which I got using the ‘inspect’ option in the Chrome page. (

I want to change the class from ‘resizable’ to ‘privatetext’. Can you please tell in which file I should do the change?


If you use cli, All changes must be made to the files that are in the src folder. If you use capacitor js the change must be made in the template, Look in the template for the part of the code where you want to make the change and do it there