How to deal with MS CodePush URLs?

I’m trying to integrate CodePush with F7 app and I’m having trouble with URLs.

I have standard router setup with /home, /settings, etc. but when CodePush updates, it loads the app from URL like file:///data/user/0/

That URL obviously doesn’t match anything, so F7 takes the user to 404 page.

Any ideas how to solve this?

i’m using MS codepush without any trouble

sharing configuration could help

  1. config.xml
  2. index.js / app.js (where you are calling codepush object) :page_facing_up:
  3. do you successfully upload project by appcenter codepush cli :question:

I’m not sure how those files can help because it’s not about whether CodePush works, it does. I can run codepush.sync() via Chrome Dev Tools etc. normally and it updates the app. But the problem is that the updated version loads itself from that file:///data/user/0/ URL and F7 router naturally has no route for that, so it loads up the final (.*) (404) path in routes.

Can you please check if your app also runs from that kind of URL or is there something going on with CodePush? I was always under the impression that CodePush would patch the current files instead of creating a new instance.

Another issue is that now all of our analytics is seeing file:///data/user/0/!/home style URLs instead of file:///android_asset/www/index.html/#!/home.