How to debug a route failure?

I have two entries in the route table that, for the life of me, I can’t get to load (all others are working).

The route table has these two entries:

    path: '/hiding/',
    url: './pages/hiding.html',
    path: '/safe/',
    url: './pages/safe.html',

The pages absolutely exist.

When I try, using the api, to load these two pages using:

  rc = app.views.main.router.navigate('/hiding/', {force: 'true', ignoreCache: true});
  app.views.main.router.navigate('/safe/', {force: 'true', ignoreCache: true});

Nothing happens. Not even the 404 handler activates. In tracing through framework7.bundle.js it gets all the way down to before it returns… it seems to pop back out at get(). In the first call (/hiding/) I can inspect the rc (router is what’s returned) and allowPageChange == false;

Any guidance?

Does the inspector show XHR requests to hiding.html or safe.html?

It does. It actually seems to be fetching both files. The status request is 304, I can click on hiding/safe.html and preview and see the file content for both files but that’s as far as I get.

Found it. I had class in the opening div twice! Been scratching my head twice over that one. Well, I mean over the first one… the second one was obviously a copy of the first! smh

<div class="hidingPage" class="page" data-name="hiding">
<div id="hidingPage" class="page" data-name="hiding">

Thanks for reminding me to check the xhr, once I saw that was working, it made it a lot easier to track down.