How to disable animations only for android?

Since sliding between pages on android is slow I want to turn off animations or test to have fade instead.

  1. How can I disable animations between pages only for android?
  2. And how can I set the animation to fade on android but slide on iphone?

I have tried with this for fade animation but it is not working.

view: {
	transition: ? 'f7-fade' : null,

If I have this, it works for the desktop, then it fades on the computer, so how do I do it for android?
view: {

transition: Framework7.device.desktop ? 'f7-fade' : null,


Any input appreciated, thanks.

You need to enable/disable animate parameter of View View / Router | Framework7 Documentation

Thanks Vladimir
Yes ok, so this should work then I guess!?

view: {
        if ({
	animate: false,
       animate: true

I have to test it tomorrow.