How to display a Fab in every page of the View router?

Using React I want to display a Fab button in every page in the router, exclude some specific pages.
I know I can place the code in each Page component but then the code will repeatedly be written over and over again. Is this possible to put the Fab above the View router?

You should be able to just put it as a direct child of the <View> and you may need to tweak its styles a bit if neccessary

Okay. I will try that. Also, is this possible to make the fab label to be touchable too?

For example:

<Fab position="right-bottom" slot="fixed" color="black">
            <Icon ios="f7:ellipsis" aurora="f7:ellipsis" md="material:ellipsis"></Icon>
            <Icon ios="f7:close" aurora="f7:close" md="material:close"></Icon>
            <FabButtons position="top" >
              <FabButton label="Action 1" className="pointer" onClick={() => console.log(1)}>asdasd</FabButton>
              <FabButton label="Action 2">2</FabButton>

I want ** FabButton** label to be part of the onclick event.