How to do Deep Linking with iOS And Andriod in F7?

I dont know if framework7 supports this feature but i want to open an external email link to the user app, to a specific page in the app.


So what do i do to get this done?

You can check some cordova plugins for this like

Or some service like

no plug needed. only add 2 lines of code to the manifiest file and create/share yours deeplinks.

view this playlist.

@CMGCenter Thanks for your contribution but i cant find your answer to the problem, in the video.

Is a playlist with many f7 tutorials. In one of then HAVE the resolver the problem

there are 2hs of video in the playlist you share. maybe it would be helpful if you could point to the video that @udemethegrtman needs…

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What you are looking for is called “Universal Links” on iOS and “Deep Linking” on Android.

Sorry in that playlist have the solve using this plugin

And there is a Cordova plugin to handle that:

I use this Cordova plugin, which is an slightly improved version:

cordova plugin add cordova-universal-links-plugin-fixed


@Tim Please can you give a sample of how you use this plugin in F7?

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