How to extend or create new framework7 component

Hello ,
I just started using framework 7 …I have used ionic and angular previously to create hybrid apps …this first time on framework7 …I really like what I see … great set components …easy to use

  1. How do i create a custom component on framework 7, for example, I want to add chart component based chartjs …how do i do that ? I can find any guides
  2. How do I use native componets from cordova like camera ? any guide will help
  3. How i use existing reactjs /vue libraries

Thanks ,

If you use Framework7 core, then it doesn’t allow to create custom components. But if you use Framework7-Vue/React then you use and create them as in usual Vue/React apps. Workflow is totally same. You can check some of React/Vue starters to start.

Just in any cordova app, you need to call cordova APIs within deviceready event, or on Framework7 init, e.g.:

app = new Framework7({
  on: {
    init() {
      // call cordova APIs here

Is this answer still valid? Because it would be useful to be able to extend existing classes.