How to fixed this bug?

test url:
theme: md
bug Steps

step 1:
Scroll page to center

step 2:
open Left Panel -> click ‘About’ menu -> close ‘About’ menu
Bug appears: Part of the content on the page disappears

V2 and V3 All have this bug.

Works fine for me.
I dont get the bug

Works fine for me too with the link you provide.
Can you make a jsfiddle with the bug?

Google Chrome 62.0.3202.94 open the url:

Mobile phone simulation -> select Nexus 6P

Scroll page to center

click “About” OR “Form” link open page.

close the opened page,then:

A short video demonstration would be really helpful :slight_smile:

A short video:

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If something doesn’t work in Chrome device emulator it is not the case and not the bug. Also, update Chrome to latest version, it is Chrome bug

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Yeah @nolimits4web is right. Please update your chrome and test with real mobile devices.