How to generate a html page like in this forum for each new question?

I wonder how Vladimir generates a new html page when somebody is posting a new question here in this forum?

I have a webshop where I display the products in my start page and when you click on it to see the details about it I load all products in just one “product detail page” based on the link id(detailpage.asp?id=123) and instead Im thinking of creating one html page for each product in my shop.
I think it is more SEO friendly and better to have many pages that Google will index instead of only one, right?

So Vladimir could you explain what is needed to do this and what I should think about?
I see that it is having the question headline as the file name for example.
And I do have to have pushstate set to true to be able to display the full url and to be able to navigate to a full url as well, like you have here in the forum.

Any input appreciated.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I am not doing anything here :slight_smile: It is Discourse forum engine that does everything by itself :slight_smile:

Ok thanks.
I think I will create a sitemap file instead where I include all my links to all my products, that way Google will index all my products and hopefully that will help my ranking on Google.
Or what do you think?