How to get parent context from routable tab

How to reach to parent page variables and methods from routable tabs,
when they are loaded through componentUrl?
I can’t reach them from script or Template7.

var routes = [{
  path: '/',
  pageName: 'home'
}, {
  path: '/oferta/',
  componentUrl: 'js/components/oferta.html'
  // routes: []
}, {
  path: '/oferta/edytuj/:ofertaId/',
  componentUrl: 'js/components/oferta_edytuj.html',
  tabs: [{
    path: '/',
    id: 'oferta-tab-pozycje',
    componentUrl: 'js/components/oferta_tab_pozycje.html'
  }, {
    path: '/oferta-tab-naglowek/',
    id: 'oferta-tab-naglowek',
    templateUrl: 'js/components/oferta_tab_naglowek.html'

My component ‘/oferta/edytuj/:ofertaId/’ loads some AJAX data and store them in his data context. I would like to reach there from all tabs.
I would like to use my component to store needed data and methods.

  return {
    data: function () {
      return {
        listaWalut: [],
        listaWarunkowPlatnosci: [],
        api: {
          data_dodania: null,
          id: null,

You can try to access tab’s parent page component context like following:

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And the other way? From parent page to a tab data and methods?
I don’t see any f7Component at console.log.
Tabs are also loaded with routable tabs as componentUrl