How to get pushstate to work with params?

I have a multi view(5 tabs)app.
I want to be able to load a subpage from a Url so Im trying to get pushstate to work in V5.
I want to be able to load an url like and that should load omoss and send the id=1234 to that page.

In my index page I load the “shop.asp” page as my startpage.
But when I set pushStateOnLoad: true in the view as below, the “shop.asp” is not loading and no other links work? So in order to be able to load the shop.asp page I have to set pushStateOnLoad: false and I guess thats not right?

I did a test with the kitchenzink and there I got everything to work as it should, so I don´t understand why it is not working in my real project!!

I set pushstate in the view like this.

    view: {
    pushState: true,
    pushStateSeparator: '',
    pushStateOnLoad: false,
	passRouteParamsToRequest : true,
	passRouteQueryToRequest : true

And in my routes I have this.

name: 'omoss',
path: '/omoss/:id', //if I add :id here it is not loading the page at all
url: 'textsidor/omoss.asp',
options: {
    animate: true,


And my view is this.

var mainView = app.views.create('.view-main', {
  url: '/shop/',

If I use a link like I get an error and the url shows

I have tested so many different things now so I don´t know what else I can try.

Since I have a multi view app, do I have to have pushState: true, in my


and not in the “view” as I have it above perhaps?

So what am I missing?
Any input really appreciated, thanks!

  1. pushStateSeparator should be an empty string
  2. Check the console errors and network tabs to see what is happening there

Anybody? I really need to get this to work.