How to handle net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED in app.request()

Hello, i have a problem with catching net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED using ths code:

        url: urlAuth,
        dataType: "json",
        data: {
                "username": username,
                "password": password
        method: "POST",
        timeout: 8000,
        headers: headers,
        success: async function (result) {
                database.addUser(name, orginalUrl, http, username, hash);
        error: function (xhr, data, errorThrown) {
              console.log(xhr, data, errorThrown);

This error CONNECTION_REFUSED is returned when url we are calling dont exist. The error block is not fired. Can someone help?

Are you getting this error on a mobile device?

check the configuration to avoid server-side errors

Is this debugged on desktop or on device?