How to have an Emulator?

I use Sublime for coding, and chrome to see the output and it is not real time update.
i clear cache/history to see the updates…
but it’s so tiring… i would like to have a emulator
i dont know how to do that.
i am not checking the old questions related to emulator
because things change. im sure there is updated way to install emulator.

Actually you can also achieve the hot reload by using your chrome browser.
It always depends on how your application is structured.

If based on the framework7 guidelines you’re probably using Vite as Module Bundler, then you can open your terminal on the project folder and run:

npm start or npm run dev

check your package.json > scripts !!!

Now if you really want to run your project as an App emulator, I recommend you go through CapacitorJS documentation:

→ Setting iOS Getting Started | Capacitor Documentation
→ Setting Android Capacitor Android Documentation | Capacitor Documentation

then finally setting your Live Reload for the emulator: Live Reload | Capacitor Documentation

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Well you should have cache disabled on your browser, and also service worker bypass to avoid caching. That should allow hot reload when doing changes.

Emulator is possible but slow. If you have a device like android you can run the Cordova app into the android device. With the Cordova build android run command.

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maybe, ill use the actual android device… for testing…