How to hide the bottom toolbar while keyboard is on

while typing in input field the bottom toolbar appear on the top of the keyboard. i want to hide toolbar while typing in input field… but how?

Hi i use Vue js.
My solution was using a plugin.

its deprecated now.
You should use cordova-plugin-ionic-keyboard if you choose the plugin solution

window.addEventListener('native.keyboardshow', this.keyboardShowHandler)
window.addEventListener('native.keyboardhide', this.keyboardHideHandler)

// Hide/Show toolbar

Never use it, but is suggest to go with f7 solution:

app.toolbar.hide(toolbarEl, animate), isAnimated)


so when the user click/tap the input you hide the toolbar.

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Thanks for the tips

But what’d you mean about using vue?
I’m using vue-cli and don’t know that how to install this plugin??
are there anything like this to use in npm for importing to my vue project or not?

this is a cordova/phonegap/ionic plugin. Is yor project based in cordova? if not, this is no useful for you