How to ignore 3.0's routes

I wang to click a then just jump or do something else by jquery click event,how to avoid use route,I find externalLinks,but not enough!

Still need to use routes, but you can try a catch all:

routes: [
      path: '/:page',
      url: '{{page}}',

not work for me ,I need route ignore any href=“asdsada.html”

if app.params.clicks.externalLinks support array will be better, I have to modify the source framework7.js like this

  // Check if link is external
  if (isLink) {
    // eslint-disable-next-line
    // jry [email protected] 20180717
    if ([0]) ||[1]) || (url && url.indexOf('javascript:') >= 0)) {
      var target = clickedLink.attr('target');
      if (
        && win.cordova
        && win.cordova.InAppBrowser
        && (target === '_system' || target === '_blank')
      ) {
        e.preventDefault();, target);

@nolimits4web I’ll appreciate it very much if you could help me

What is wrong with externalLinks parameter and external class? It will be bypassed by router if link have external class

or f7 V1’s ajaxLink parm is helpful too。

My web does not need ajax route( except smart-select tabs) , but I can not find a way to close it.