How to initialize or reinitialize swipeable tabs?


I am using swipeable tabs but as it has a condition which will satisfy once variable resolves throuh ajax query.
<f7-tabs id="mainpagetabs" v-if="isctloaded" swipeable ....
the first time when the app loads swipable tabs do not initialize.
Is there a way to reinitialize swipeable tabs on the data resolves? or any other work around. Please suggest as I am stuck.


i dont think there is a way to initialize/create the tabs. Maybe some conditional rendering would work.

<page @page:beforein='getData'>
    <loaderComponent v-if={showLoader}/>
    <template v-else>
      <yourPageContentHere />
  showLoader: true
getData () {
  await callBackend()
  this.showLoader = false

I had this sort of situation before. For me, I moved the ajax call to the route, as async function. This way, you already have the data ready when the template is rendered.