How to install Framework7 3.0.0 - confused

Hi there!

I’m a total rockie to Framework7 and I have spent the entire morning trying to download/install the latest version of Framework7. When I hit “Download” from the home page, I am redirected to a github page, with a few compressed files. Which is the one I’m supposed to download? All of them?

I’ve watched some tutorials on youtube, and with the version they were working with, a file was downloaded when the clicked “Download”, and they had a folder called “dist”. I don’t get that folder.

I would really appreciate a complete step by step documentation.

I also tried installing with CLI but that was a lot more work and very confusing because I kept getting errors.

Thanks in advance.

simply download ZIP as whole:

and use files for distribution only from this ZIP.

I recommend to start with some

good luck