How to link to external browser?

I want that a link will be opened in the default device browser, like Chrome, but it doesn’t work, this is what I am trying:

<Link href={url} external target='_system'>...</Link>
<Link href={url} external target='_blank'>...</Link>
<a href={url} className='external link'>...</a>, '_system')

and many many more, but nothing works.

I basically want to link to a PDF so that user can download it manually/automatically but couldn’t so I tried to link to the external browser so it will be done from there, but also can’t.

BTW, I have inAppBrowser plugin installed and when navigating to a web page it opens it, but when navigate to a PDF file it just shows a blank page.

You try that?

Sorry what did you mean?

Sorry, I did not realize that I had not copied the code.