How to load 3 pages with loadPage with cache each one

I have a button in the index.html that loads about.html, inside the about.html I have another button that loads about2.html and within about2.html I have another button that loads about3.html. But when using pushState: true and I’m going back the last page does not save the components and does not load the .js

how to make?

That is tricky even in V1. Because I assume this is in the same view right?

Basically you need to hook into the animation finish/start event and call eval() on the script you need to be active.

You can set the script block with an class and eval that block on animation end. Since in V1 there seems to be some delay when the “.getCurrentView().activePage” property to be populated, I had to put it on a 1 second loop until activePage is no longer “undefined”

I don’t know about the components. Perhaps you need to load the page with “context” property in .router.load and then repopulate after load