How to Load Another Copy Of Same Page Again

Hello family,

I must say that Framework7 is very awesome and fit for any app you can imagine. I am using it to design a social network.

But I have a problem.

I am on a page named ‘friend-profile’ and on the init event of that page, it loads data from ajax. Now, when I am on that page and clicked on a link inside the page to load another instance of the same page, it loads but will not load the ajax data again. It will rather load an empty page and change the data on the previous same page.

Below is my code:

<a href="/friend-profile/?id={{username}}" data-my-id="{{username}}">
              <img class="profile-avatar" src="{{profilepicture}}" onerror="picError(this)">

Above is the a href to open another copy of the same page and load ajax data

$$(document).on('page:init', '.page[data-name="friend-profile"]', function (e) {

      var user =;




above is the init event with a function inside to load the data. On the first navigation to the page from another page, it works alright. Where I have a problem is to click a href inside the page to open another copy of the page and load data again on the newly opened page. So that I can navigate the same page backwards. I am using the page to load users profile.

Like facebook, you can open a friend profile and from there click another person to visit their profile and still be able to navigate backwards to the first profile

Your help is highly appreciated. I love Framework7. It is robust and very nice.

Don’t worry forks. I figured a way out. Thanks anyway.

Hi, i have the same problem, could you share how you fix it

Make sure the parameter you passed during navigation is unique so that Framework7 will open another copy of the same page but with different parameter.