How to make an App remember sign status without using Firebase Observer

Hi All, pls I need your direction on the issue I have below.

We use the Firebase Observer to remember that a user has logged in to our App. See below.

firebase.auth().onAuthStateChanged(function (user) {

console.log(‘user in app.js’, user)

if (user != null) {

console.log('check in app.js')

if (user.emailVerified) {

  store.commit('setSignedIn', true)

  store.commit('setDisplayName', user.displayName)

  store.commit('setPhotoURL', user.photoURL)

} else {

  // No user is signed in.

  store.commit('setSignedIn', false)




For some reason, we don’t want to use Firebase Observer anymore to remember user login status.

In the app.vue, the user login status can be determined

signed_in() {

  return this.$store.getters.signed_in;


How can I reference this within app.js?

I tried below but got undefined for signed_in:

if (store.signed_in) {

store.commit(‘setSignedIn’, true)


I am opened to any logic that can work to capture user login status within the app.js.