How to make swiper slides uniform height?

Happy Holidays! I have dynamic slides and wondering how to set them to a uniform height of the longest slide. I thought autoHeight would have done the trick. Code is as follows. Any pointers appreciated!

<f7-swiper pagination :params="{slidesPerView: this.slideCount, spaceBetween: 20, autoHeight: true, }">
        <f7-swiper-slide v-for="slide in" :key="slide.index">
            <div class="review">{{slide.text}}</div>
          <div class="author">
            <div class="author-details">
            <img :src="slide.profile_photo_url">
            <div class="author-rating">
              <div class="ratings">
                <div class="empty-stars"></div>
                <div class="full-stars" :style="'width:' + (slide.rating * 20) + '%'"></div>

Try setting height: auto style to .swiper-container and .swiper-slide