How to open smart-select programitically?

I would like to open a smart select full page modal programmatically, I mean, using JS only. Is this possible?

I have tried the simpliest as possible:

app.smartSelect.create({pageTitle: "Hello World"}).open()

I am using Framework V4 with React.

But this doesn’t work.


When you create smart select it requires el parameter of the smart select element to open. Better if you can provide more related code

But I don’t want to display the smart select element in the page, only on demand using the JS command, so basically there isn’t any element to launch, I want to fill the options from the JS.
For example, by the time a user clicks on option in a dialog, I want to display the smart select with the right options respectively

But that is the point of SmartSelect -> it converts HTML <select> element to something more fancy. Otherwise you can just use custom Sheet Modal with checkboxes/radios list