How to open smartSelect from a smartSelect

how to open smartSelect from a smartSelect. example smartSelect function onChange (event) {
self.smartSelect = self. $ (". smart-select")
}), but it does not work

how many smartselects do you have? if you have more than one you should specify which one to open. use another class

self.$ (".smart-select-two")

some code would be useful

I tried, but failed. I want from 1 smartSelect with function onChange to open another smartSelect

the error says “virtualList” why?
also, the full code would be useful, not just an image.

function onChange_tinhThanh () cannot open ``` self.smartSelect = self. $ (". smart-select-quan-huyen")

async onChange_tinhThanh(event) {
            let name_TinhThanh =;
                .forEach((val, i) => {
                    if (val.slug === name_TinhThanh) {
                        this.quanHuyenFilter_TinhThanh = val.code;
            let self = this;
            self.smartSelect = self.$".smart-select-quan-huyen")