How to pass my backend json to the required page

//i tried this so far but i dont know how to proceed … i arready bfetched json which are about 100rows from database , how do i pas this data to the page,
// this scrpt tag is from the page i want to load data
//i have framework7 cordova app with webpack bundler

Start by reading this section of the docs:

kindly show a snippet of your code, and what flavour are you using Vue / React / JS ?

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i read the docs and i did not understand thats why i tried asking for asistance here… but i wll try… thanks for the asistance

i am using f7 v 5.5.4 vanilla with cordova

Hey checkout my quick example here, I hope it make sense to you.

I think next time try and paste some code here for quick response

thank you very much … actually your solution works just fine for me… be blessed…
actually now i discovered that my solution worked too as am getting the same error…
i have a problem though…

my app only loads and does not render fetched data,
it only reloads infinitely
what can be the issue here…?

it also consume a lot of resources like RAM

It appears to me that a loop operation is not being handled properly, so it is running indefinitely and that will surely run down your ram or possibly freeze your browser.

Check the console you will know what the issue is

Thanks a lot for your time … i got the source of the problem…

looks like i was fetching json wrong… and my loop was running indefinitely… its soved… :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:

I’m glad you’ve resolved it :+1:

thank you for your precious time