How to refresh same routable tab?

 path: '/',
 url: './home.html',
 tabs: [
 path: '/',
 id: 'tab1',
 path: 'settings/',
 id: 'tab2',

Like this?


Please, help me.


This method don’t update if settings is current tab.
But how to update the current routable tab?

my way to update the current tab - recursion:

function created_tab() {
// for example the code that creates tab content from mysql'content_tab.php', function (data) {
// button refresh (or other el) in the tab
       $$('#button_refresh').on('click', function(){
        created_tab();  // current tab refreshed

Have you tried this?

app.router.navigate( ‘/.settings/’, {
ignoreCache: true,
reloadCurrent: true,
animate: false,
} );

also try