How to remove cached pages from history after logout - V1

I am using Framework7 V1I have few pages which can be viewed only after logging in. After logout i have the following code:
$(’#logout’).unbind().click(function() {
loginfo = $(’#logout’).val();
type: “POST”,
url: ‘signout.php’,
cache: false,
dataType : “text”,
data: {loginfo : loginfo},
success: function(data)
var logoutsuccess = data;
logoutsuccess = JSON.parse(logoutsuccess);
if(logoutsuccess == “signout”)
mainView.router.loadPage({ url: ‘index.php’,force: true });

after logging out and if I press the android hardware back button, all the previous pages are displayed. I have tried all ways, including replies in this forum without any success. There are lot of people asking similar question and there seems to be no clear solution to this issue ??

Requesting help.

In v1 there is no something build in for that. You need to manually remove all previous pages from DOM

If so…how can i track all the pages currently in DOM and remove it manually ??