How to set @click event handler to capture?

How to specify click event as capture? Currently, it looks like it is bubbling.

In the onclick() function below, I need to always get the parent from the “” object whether I click on “exit” or “Click here to”.

<div id="parent" @click=${onclick}>
Click here to <span id="child">exit</span>
export default () => {
    const onclick = (e) => {
        //how to set event handler as capture so this would always give the parent element?
  1. Don’t use arrow function
  2. That parent object where you assigned click listener will be available as this in event handler

Or try e.currentTarget

Thanks. I’ll just skip using @click or any event using that for now. I feel like the documentation is lacking on this, and overall in v6.

It’s still easier to use Dom7 $(’#my-el’).on(‘click’, function);