How to show panels only in certain pages

hi everyone! sorry if my question is too silly but im newbier with framework7

however i want to make a catalog and an admin panel, i want the left panel to be present just in the admin page but when i create the catalog view ti shows up the left-panel, i look in the code and find that the panel is defined in the app.f7.html file, i cut the panel code to /pages/adminpanel.f7.html butn when i load the /admin/ url show a margin in the left side (where original left panel was)

is there a way to load the left panel just in certain view/page?
btw i want to use a login page too and i dont wanna show the left panel in it,
im using the cli left panel template and targeting webapp and android app with [Core]

You can add no-swipe-panel

<div class="page no-swipe-panel">
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