How to switch between pages in vue?


I need to create a simple app with more pages. On each page will be an action button. If the user press the button, a javascript function (or app method) should based on their background logic switch to an another page. Code like this (framework7-vue).

    <f7-view main>

      <f7-page name="first">
          some content
          <f7-button href="javascript:function1()">button text</f7-button>

      <f7-page name="second">
          some content
          <f7-button href="javascript:function2()">button text</f7-button>

      <f7-page name="third">
          some content
          <f7-button href="javascript:function3()">button text</f7-button>


But im not able to make this javascript working.

Any idea?

Thank you