How to upgrade or update the Framework 7

Hello. Good day! This is my first post, sorry if ever I violated any rules for posting.
We created an app last 2016, and I am bothered to update to get the latest features and fixes. Now, the app is fully created and I wanted to update the framework 7 and it’s components etc.

Is there any guide on how to update/upgrade the Framework 7? Is there anything I need to consider or remember or aware of? Please guide me. I wanted to help my team by searching for this.

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Have a look at the blog. The migration guide to v2 and mastering v2 router articles might be of some help. Good luck!


Thank you so much for your time!!! :slight_smile:

Here is receipt I followed before and it worked

  1. find/create a similar v2 template similar to your app, from template list of f7 v2
  2. you will have a new app.vue , new settings, etc, copy paste necessary lines from old app
  3. copy-paste whole your pages/components from old app (I think it is f7 v1 )
  4. start to repair areas that doesnt work with nmp run dev

believe me most of you items will work with v2, with very few nuances

If your app is too complex, then copy paste one component at a time and see the results each time, fix it , run your app and then continue with next one


Thank you so much, @rastek. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day! <3