How to use js in framework7 html page

Hello everyone,i am a new framework7 user,i am from china,i am so sorry,my english so poor.
My question is how use js in html page,like this:
index.html click a link to about.html
about.html hava some js code,like this:

it is dont work,why?

how can i use this in html page?

1) Meaby you can try:

Is the comming version of Framework7, is to easy, is like a wizard (but you should handle a bit of nodeJS)

2) If you want use F7 on a basic html page:

you must download framework7.tar.gz :



Full featured HTML framework for building iOS & Android apps - framework7io/framework7

You need extract from this tar.gz:

From CSS folder:

From js folder you need:
framework7.min.js (if you want debug)

If you are familiar with jQuery, read this:

you need read to:

With that you can start with F7 (that was my start)