How to use swiper history navigation in Framework7Vue

I try to use swiper’s history navigation in f7, but it doesn’t work :frowning_face:

there is my swiper’s parameters:

swiperParams: SwiperOptions = {
        spaceBetween: 1,
        slidesPerView: 1,
        centeredSlides: true,
        initialSlide: 0,
        preventClicks: false,
        observer: true,
        effect: 'slide',
        direction: 'vertical',
        noSwipingClass: 'swiper-no-swiping',
        threshold: 25,
        hashNavigation: {
            watchState: true,
            replaceState: true,

swiper element in vue template:

<f7-swiper ref="storySwiper" class="story-swiper wh-100" :params="swiperParams">
                v-for="(post, idx) in posts"

I’m not sure that config is correct or not.

It is correct, but Swiper’s history and hashNavigation are not included in F7’s version of Swiper, will add them in next release

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@nolimits4web I saw history & hashNavigation has been included in 5.7.5, thank you for adding this feature.
but… I have new problem:
there are 3 routes:

  1. /home
  2. /slides/:id, have Swiper’s slides, use Swiper’s history, id has n1 & n2 & n3
  3. /info

I go from /home to /slides/n1, in slides/n1 can swipe to n2 or n3 (with swiper’s history)
when current route is /slides/n2, use $f7router.navigate to /info route, and use $f7router.back() to previous route,
at this time the page is /home page, but route is /slides/n3.

Swiper’s history seems incompatible with f7’s router…